About Ignite.

Located in Ames, Iowa, offering Hot and Warm Yoga, Barre, Power Sculpt, and Pilates classes

It is our goal to welcome EVERYONE over age 14 into our studio.

Beginners, athletes, students, retirees, moms, dads, the inflexible, the circus acrobat and everyone in between are all welcome without judgement. There is no competition in yoga.

We want to provide a healthy and safe environment for you to practice yoga and to help you learn and grow.

Our teachers are kind and compassionate and are willing to put forward their best to help you. When you walk into our studio, get ready to put away the stresses and distractions of everyday life. This is your time to challenge your mind and body, all the while feeding your soul. You’ll work hard and have fun.

Studio Information

Things To Bring To Yoga
  • Mat
  • Beach towel or Yogitoes towel
  • Large bottle of Water
  • Sweat towel

We also offer Manduka GRP rental mats for $3 and Yogitoes hot yoga towels for $3. You can also rent the pair of yoga mat plus hot yoga towels for $5.  We also have water for sale for $2.

Yoga Etiquette

Doors open 20 minutes before class. Please arrive 10 minutes before class begins to check in and get your mat set up, especially if you are new. Our doors will close 2 minutes before class time with no exceptions.  Since our studio is not open when class is not in session, we close our studio doors 15 minutes after class has finished.  PLEASE LEAVE CELL PHONES TURNED OFF AND OUTSIDE OF THE PRACTICE ROOM.  You will not be permitted to have your phone inside where you practice.

Pregnant Or Health Issues

Please make sure to consult your doctor before practicing yoga or pilates if you are pregnant or have health concerns.

Preparing For Hot Yoga

It is wise to limit the amount of food intake 2 hours before practicing hot yoga. Eating a small snack is fine but eating a large meal is not a good idea. Please make sure to adequately hydrate your body before, during, and after practice. Please make sure to dress for heated class by wearing moisture wicking fabric.

Inclement Weather
We will close the studio for morning classes when Ames schools are delayed or cancelled. Please check the website’s class schedule for cancellations.
We have one shower available for after class for those that need to shower and rinse off. If more than one person needs to shower, we will practice the “yogi shower” rule of keeping in under 2 minutes. Since most of our instructors have other “day” jobs, please make sure to be finished within 20 minutes of class conclusion. Please bring your own toiletries and towel.


“Yoga feels like an ever-present companion that doesn’t judge me, I come as I am and work through my issues as best as I can; all the while yoga is there helping me in various ways through life. It’s helped me connect with others I wouldn’t have been blessed to meet otherwise. I can now understand what people mean when they say it’s a lifestyle, not a hobby. It’s about discovering your inner light, and appreciating those around you for their light. Shedding off the influences that could bring you down and coming into your own. I’m grateful to have yoga so that I can work on finding who I am. When asked, no one would say they want to live a version of their life bound to what other people make them! I want to become the me I have inside!”

– Kristyn


“I am an avid skier, dirt biker, and mountain biker. I have broken bones in all of these activities including putting away laundry (no kidding), I never though I would be able to run again with out pain. Even turning my head was a chore when driving. I have utilized the gym and trainers and found myself bored, still in pain, and stiff. Since going to yoga, my pain has diminished and my motion of flexibility has increased dramatically.”

– Steve


“After my surgery, my balance was gone.  I couldn’t even walk without assistance.  Again, thanks to my yoga practice, my balance slowly came back.  I am always beaming on the inside when I can do the balance poses.  I am forever grateful to the Ignite Yoga teachers and community.”

– Mary


“Yoga has taught me gentle acceptance that all things, not just poses, may not happen for me. And that’s okay. It’s what I do, I like it. It’s a little gift I give to myself most days of the week. It’s me in a room full of people united by our breath in a quest for a little bliss and peace in our day.”

– Audrey


“Emily has created a space to practice a deep connection to your body, mind, and spirit. No matter how many people may be in the class, that lets you reflect and let go. Always healing! Thank you.”

– Catherine


“The most enjoyable reward currently is the mental experience I receive from one session of yoga. I walk into the studio & there is absolutely nothing going on in my mind about what I have to do, what I didn’t get done, my children, my work, my bills or any other thoughts flowing through my mind.”

– Jenny

Gift of Yoga

We have GIFT CERTIFICATES in any amount. More Yoga = Less Problems!